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SLAB's mDOT Featured on Stanford News, Science X, New Atlas, and Numerous Media Outlets

By Sumant Sharma   August 7, 2017


SLAB's research was featured on Stanford NewsScience X, New Atlas, CGTN, Seeker, Universe Today, Azimuth World, The Space Reporter, Centauri Dreams, Correio Braziliense, La Repubblica websites in a news article titled, "An artificial eclipse for imaging extrasolar planets", today. The article highlights SLAB's research on the miniaturized Distributed Occulter Telescope (mDOT) mission, which includes a two-spacecraft system to allow for direct imaging of distant exoplanets. In collaboration with exoplanet expert Prof. Bruce Macintosh of the School of Physics at Stanford, mDOT aims to provide a low-cost flight demonstration of starshade technology and pave the path for a full-scale observatory


Sumant Sharma is a PhD student at SLAB