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Miniaturized Distributed Occulter/Telescope (mDOT)



                                  3D-Printed Model of mDOT (credits: SLAB)

S3SLAB multi-Satellite Simulator


                                                Logo of S3 (credits: SLAB)

Pose Estimation of Uncooperative Spacecraft using Monocular Vision and Deep Learning

                                    PRISMA space imagery (credits: OHB/DTU)

Distributed Multi-GNSS Timing and Localization System (DiGiTaL)

                      Illustration of DiGiTaL project (credits: SLAB)

Astrodynamics of Spacecraft Relative Motion for Distributed Space Systems

                                            Nominal TanDEM-X configuration (credits: D'Amico)

Impulsive and Continous Formation-Flying and Swarming using Relative Orbital Elements



                                    Artist illustration of PRISMA (credits: DLR)

High-Fidelity Simulation, Validation, and Training for Multi-Satellite Systems

                                  SLAB's Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbed (credits: SLAB)

Starling Angles-Only Navigation and Formation-Flying Optical Experiment

                        Starling mission (credits: NASA)

Autonomous Nanosatellite Swarming using Radio-Frequency and Optical Navigation (ANS)

                          Illustration of ANS Project (credits: SLAB)