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Precise Absolute Orbit Control in Low Earth Orbit for Advanced Remote Sensing



                                 Artist illustration of TerraSAR-X (credits: Astrium)

S3SLAB multi-Satellite Simulator


                                                Logo of S3 (credits: SLAB)

Vision-based Monocular Vision Navigation for Close-Range Spacecraft Rendezvous

                                    PRISMA space imagery (credits: OHB/DTU)

GPS-based Absolute and Relative Navigation for Distributed Space Systems

                      Artist illustration of carrier-phase differential GPS (credits: DLR)

Guidance for Formation Flying and Rendezvous using Relative Orbital Elements

                                            Nominal TanDEM-X configuration (credits: D'Amico)

Impulsive Formation Keeping and Reconfiguration using Relative Orbital Elements



                                    Artist illustration of PRISMA (credits: DLR)

High-Fidelity Simulation, Testing and Validation for Multi-Satellite Systems

                                  PRISMA electromagnetic tests (credits: CNES)

Angles-Only Navigation for Space Rendezvous using Relative Orbital Elements

                       Angles-Only Navigation for the mSTAR mission (credits: SLAB)

Innovative Guidance, Navigation, and Control Subsystems for Multi-Satellite Systems

                          TAFF Software Architecture (credits: Ardaens, D'Amico)