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Prof. D'Amico's proposal on autonomous nanosatellite swarming selected by NASA Small Spacecraft Technology Program (SSTP)

By Simone D'Amico   Dec. 2, 2017


AA 118N visits SSLNotional illustration of Prof. D'Amico's Autonomous Nanosatellite Swarming (ANS) system

SLAB has been selected by NASA to collaborate on the development and demonstration of new technologies and capabilities for small spacecraft. SLAB will be working with engineers and scientists from NASA ARC on a two-year project called:"Autonomous Nanosatellite Swarming using Radio-Frequency and Optical Navigation". The official news coverage by the NASA Small Spacecraft Technology Program (SSTP) is available here.

The project is intended to research and integrate novel dynamics, guidance, navigation, and control algorithms to overcome current limitations for autonomous operations in the vicinity of near-Earth objects (NEOs) and resident space objects (RSOs) in general. The algorithms developed will enable autonomous fuel-optimal operations for a swarm of spacecraft and onboard characterization of NEO shape, gravity, and dynamical properties while remaining compatible with commercial-off-the-shelf CubeSat systems..


Simone D'Amico is the PI of this project and director of SLAB